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There is no one website that contains all the wine routes located in the West Coast District, South Africa, hence this "pet" project of mine. This is a FREE developed website for my own pleasure and will stay free for as long as possible.  I receive no funds from anyone at this stage; it is for my own account.


The West Coast Wine Routes (WCWR) website is currently in a concept phase and does not affiliate with anyone, whether a legal entity or in person. During the concept phase, the content herein is from public domain information which is freely available from the Internet and unrestricted in the use thereof. Before any content other than that which is public domain information will be published in a live version of the website, the relevant owners of such information and images will be contact for their consent.


Anyone concerned about information contained in WCWR website after the final release, may contact me at spcornelissen@gmail.com.




Pierre Cornelissen



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West Coast

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